Welcome to Social & Media, a hub of creative specialists that’s recently launched with the express goal of meeting and helping those who persistently chase their dreams, those who inspire in every industry from fashion, music, art, beauty, finance, etc. 

Let me introduce myself: my name is Jo and I am the creative director at Social & Media. After 15 years of accumulating a successful track record in delivering innovative marketing and communication campaigns and projects for major corporate institutions around the world, a life changing (near-death) experience made me realise that I had spent a lifetime succeeding by somebody else’s definition of success - by the usual metrics of money and power. 

 I decided to re-define my metrics of success and through Social & Media  start helping passionate people reach their utmost potential in their field and achieve their dreams.


Taylor’s passion for organisation coupled with an eye for detail makes her the perfect Events Management student and intern. With a number of seamless creative events already under her belt from weddings, birthday parties, music album launches to VIP fashion events, Taylor ensures a smooth handling of operations and the coordination of logistics is executed seamlessly. All that is left for you to do is relax and enjoy your event!


Karina is an awarded portrait photographer and highly sought after photographer of events, art and fashion.

Karina’s works feature everything from renowned musicians, actors and high profile professionals to dreaded two year olds, unusual animals and even coffins. The weird and wonderful subjects are countless and her inspiration to bring something truly unique and captivating to each and every shoot, seems endless!

Coming from a creative background of fine art, Karina enjoys the challenge of working with clients to establish concepts for their shoots. Before a single photograph is taken, she draws her inspiration from them their personalities and lifestyles or product concepts, brand and business identities, to come up with concepts that represent the soul of the subject. This involves some real intuition, detective work and exceptional people skills on her part.

Karina’s her fortes are vast and include weddings, live performances such as bands, theatre, fashion and promotional events as well as still products, fashion and profile shoots. She is one of those people who is incredibly grounded, whilst possessing an endless source of inspiration and creativity that can literally be applied to any subject.